South Spokane Patio and Pergola

December 6, 2012 by No Comments

Rock work, irrigation, grade work and concrete paver patio, featuring a rough sawn cedar pergola that was conceived by the design wizards we employ here at TERRABELLA! The pergola is built with 4″x12″x20 foot beams, 4″x8″x16 foot girders and 4″x4″x20 foot rafters. The Pergola features 16″ by 3/4″ raw steel carriage bolts with timber washers. We cut and pre-assembled the majority of the system in our shop and brought it to site for final assembly. The client had found a pre-cut system online that featured much smaller dimensional material and asked if we could fabricate something similar. We felt that the larger components would better fit the scale of the wall behind it. As always, please feel free to ask any questions to our house movers and contractor.