Regional Landscaping Methods

May 20, 2010 by No Comments

So, it’s pretty easy to look at a book , read a magazine article or watch a show on TV and think, “Hey, I want that in my yard”. However, the practicality of introducing species of plants and trees, landscape features or even landscape construction methods that do not typically work well in our inland northwest landscape and climate often can make the overall goal of a “low maintenance” landscape a difficult one to achieve. One way to be ‘green’ and promote sustainability is to landscape using native species and construction types and methods that are well suited to our four season climate. For instance, incorporating rainwater harvesting into your landscape plan may not only reduce the amount of water you use by hundreds of gallons per cycle, but the future price of water in our region may potentially mean big savings in your wallet. Include a rain sensor, wind sensor, moisture sensor or a combination of all three, in conjunction with a drip irrigation system, xeriscaping, and drought tolerant plantings and you can achieve up to 50% savings (sometimes even MORE) on your watering. Don’t get us wrong, we desire lush green, pleasurable landscapes to walk through and enjoy, but including native and drought tolerant species along with water conservation methods can actually help reduce your water bill AND provide a lower maintenance solution, all while providing a visually pleasing experience. We are continually inspired by the beauty of our native northwest landscape. For more information fill out the contact form and let us consult with you!