Liquid De-Icing in Spokane WA

November 9, 2010 by No Comments

What is Liquid De-Ice and why should you have Terrabella apply Liquid De-icer to your driveway or parking lot in Spokane, WA? Our Liquid De-icer is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and can keep water from freezing down to a temperature of -20 degrees! It has a corrosion rating  just above saline water. We use a professionally built Liquid De-Icing application truck with an adjustable pressure boom. One application of De-ice will last up to 7 days before a storm. In fact, this is the best application for the product because it uses less material = less cost to you! We can also do a post-storm application to break up hard packed snow and ice. We have plenty of room on our schedule to take care of your liquid de-icing needs in Spokane, WA. We can also beat any price from a competitor. Please give us a call today for all your de-icing needs! Just fill out our convenient contact form and we can come quote you a price:   CONTACT US