Irrigation Upgrades

May 25, 2010 by No Comments

Did you know that there have been amazing advances in irrigation controller technology? What’s more, local municipalities including the City of Spokane, WA are encouraging upgrading to new controllers and smarter watering with financial incentives. Not only can you recieve an incentive from the city, but you can also save additional money with a new controller simply by watering efficiently. Today’s irrigation controllers can connect to your home network, download the weather forecast from the internet, automatically adjust the amount of water needed, turn themselves off during rain or windstorms, keep themselves off until the soil actually needs moisture, and are actually affordable to implement. What’s more, they can typically be installed on your existing irrigation system. Unfortunately they can’t fix that sprinkler head that you broke with the lawnmower šŸ™ Ā Please contact us for more information. We would be happy to assess your current irrigation system or design you one from scratch. And yes, we do offer standardĀ irrigation repair, winterization and spring startup. Just give us a call!