Great design is the difference!

May 17, 2010 by No Comments

Great design, whether it be landscape, architectural, industrial, mechanical, structural, or otherwise,¬†makes the difference between¬†outstanding and just barely acceptable. When it comes to building codes, for example, the home or building that meets all of the required codes could also be viewed as the worst possible design solution that the municipality will accept. Great design goes beyond the basic form while still meeting the function. Our new website is a perfect example. Thanks to our good friend Steve Rovetti at we were able to update the look and feel of our website and bring it in line with current web trends. What’s more, the website is far more user friendly. You control the substance, the information and the content that you view. Afterall, Great design isn’t about the designer, it’s about the end observer/user. Ultimately our clients are the end users of our design and construction. Whether it is rainwater harvesting, irrigation, green walls, green roofs, rock work, water features, fire features, hardscapes, trees, plantings, outdoor kitchens and beyond, our end goal is to make sure that you are convinced that you not only paid for but received GREAT DESIGN, and great value. RovettiDesign also offers great value if you happen to be in the market for an updated look to your company. Check them out at