Irrigation Upgrades

Did you know that there have been amazing advances in irrigation controller technology? What’s more, local municipalities including the City of Spokane, WA are encouraging upgrading to new controllers and smarter watering with financial incentives. Not only can you recieve an incentive from the city, but you can also save additional money with a new […]

Rainwater Harvesting in the Northwest

Imagine that rainwater harvesting could be turned into an art and given its place in the landscape.

What is sustainability?

In a nutshell, something is sustainable when as much, or more, goes back into it as what was taken out. Often the words ‘Green’ and ‘Sustainable’ are used interchangeably, but they are not. Something may be considered ‘green’ because it is healthy, natural, chemical free, or perhaps meets some standard that is relatively ambiguous in the […]

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Spokane Valley Residence

Spokane Valley Residence

Client desired a way to promote privacy from other backyard neighbors while providing visual interest and entertainment space. The solution was to create a mound with trees and plantings and develop a multi-tiered pondless water feature. We introduced landscape lighting, installed a paver patio, rock work and modified the existing deck.