fiat scudo 2004 review

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Offer: Send the offer. Une différence académique qui ne justifiait guère le surcoût demandé. It's got grunt and handles well. Reste la fiabilité reconnue de cette gamme SevelNord et le grand nombre de variantes « carrossiers » homologuées pour justifier le succès de cette série. Voir la distance Voir la distance. Ici, l’offre de carrosserie comprend une version « courte » d’un volume utile de 4m3 à empattement standard de 2,82 m et une version « longue » à empattement de 3,22 m offrant 5 m3 ainsi qu’un plancher cabine pour les adaptations carrossiers. Owned and driven a 2010 Fiat Scudo from new for 14 months now. Fiat Scudo review. Front drive shafts replaced in 3 vehicles. Success! It took 3.5 years to resolved the issue. Complete list of FIAT Scudo auto service repair manuals: FIAT SCUDO 1996-2004, SERVICE, REPAIR MANUAL; FIAT SCUDO 1996-2004, SERVICE, REPAIR MANUAL; FIAT SCUDO 1996-2004, SERVICE, REPAIR MANUAL Something went wrong! If I'm being really picky the interior trim didn't hold up too well, but nothing broke off as far as I remember. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links. Rest of the time I drive it around town. Fiat Scudo 2014 Review. Put me off just wondered what the issue might be, only 87,000ks on the clock? © 2021 Pty. The middle seat folds down to reveal a handy desk complete with mobile phone slot and two coffee cup holders. I have owned a scudo 2011 since 2011 and had not a single issue aside from the EGR valve. Tweet 0. The van is extremely good looking and very very comfortable. And very good fuel economy. Fiabilité du Mercedes GLA : la maxi-fiche occasion de Caradisiac. Your trust is our top concern. At that point the vehicle had approximately 150,000km on the clock. The noise whilst driving is horrendous. La gamme de VU fabriquée à Valenciennes, dans l’usine SevelNord commune à PSA Peugeot-Citroën et Fiat, eut droit au début de 2004 à un remodelage. Admittedly not done a lot of miles (16,000km) but it's been a great van so far. 2002 Fiat Scudo ELX 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland. Things I l...Read more, I bought a new fiat scuds 2013 model.Im a courier and in 2 years have done 133,000 kms.It is a great unit on diesel. I've had many kinds of vans before, but nothing has come close to this by way of hassle-free, low maintenance, durability and convenience. Filed under Fiat Commercial Trucks. Write a review on! Mine has just been written off for hail damage and after little thought I have decided to buy another. VFACTS figures show that just 17 of them have been sold on average each month this year. But I have had it off the road, and at fiat repairers 3 times in that 2 years for broken Flywheel.The repairers do loan me another van,to keep my business going. - toute allusion sexiste, homophobe ou raciste Enregistrer. Fiat Scudo Reviews < Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next > Home > Fiat > Scudo. If you ever have warranty issues with anything you need to be aggressive and get s#|t sorted or you will always lose. eBay guy Les points à surveiller sont toutes les pièces d’usure, ainsi que les organes de liaison au sol, très sollicités par l’usage urbain qui caractérise ces véhicules. After I finally get it they reneg and refuse the $1000 fuel voucher because it ended this month and I needed to take possession that before the start of this month """ it was the 4th of the month" Dealer saying housing not covered under warranty. Cochez la case pour valider votre message :*, Les données que vous renseignez dans ce formulaire sont traitées par Groupe La Centrale en qualité de responsable de traitement. We couldn't submit your offer. Copyright © Groupe La Centrale - Tous droits réservés, Pour déposer un commentaire, veuillez vous, Merci ! All have now done between 30-35000km. the driving position,handling, the cargo capacity, cup holders and upper storage in the roof and rear barn doors that open right back;if only it didn't rattle so much. Ces données sont utilisées à des fins de mise en relation avec la personne que vous souhaitez contacter. All in all you need to look at the purchase price, the quality of the drive (which is excellent), fuel economy (which is excellent), load capacity (which is excellent) and see how it stacks up against others like a Vito. Very low fuel consumption. cars2buy have a huge selection of new Fiat vans for sale in the UK from main Fiat dealers and online Fiat van brokers to ensure that you can find the best price available in the UK. The bows that support the roof,side panels and doors have all come adrift, the adhesive used to stick them together is rubbish. Check the fuel filter may need replacing, the earth, jerking could be injector may need cleaning or replace. 40 - Professionnel. Bienvenue sur le site officiel Fiat. I can drive right around Australia (15,000km) and only fill up 15 times and it will only cost me $1500 on fuel. Les moteurs sont tous transversaux et si l’essieu arrière est rigide, il repose sur des ressorts hélicoïdaux. First week I had it i went to Narooma NSW from Melbourne and realised I'm on a winner her, went through all elements and felt solid and safe.It's done 25000 in 4 months and stop starts about 15 - 25 times a day and hasn't missed a beat. I order parts in London, they at least know what they do, Australians don't. Value for money: 6 out 10. Wait till you have done 70-80,000 km we have 3 in our fleet and they are falling to pieces, i would never buy another one and dont expect Fiat to address any issues once your 3 years is up.We had many issues as listed below would be happy to give a verbal review and make another recommendation on another vehicle as we have tried most brands over the years and this van is the worst by far. I've helped people move house and pick up furniture, run many loads to the dump and (with a removeable bed set-up) been camping in it several times. Still getting one tank 850 to 900+ks. The revamped Scudo was first launched in early 2007, when LCV sales were on an upward trend. Hi Warden, servicing as recommended in the book and kept on the bitumen by our employees, any other suggestions to make these vans more reliable. Never had a van as a replacement, they would give me a car...great Usually just before it cuts off there is a jerking motion like it’s gasping got air to continue. Auto Trader. 0. Close. Search & read all of our Fiat Scudo reviews by top motoring journalists. - tout message publicitaire Enregistrer la recherche ** Sous déduction de la durée de garantie accordée à l'annonceur avant la vente. La différence ne réside pas dans la puissance mais dans le couple : 250 Nm dans un cas, 270 Nm dans l'autre. Nouveautés 2021 - Moyennes berlines - La Peugeot 308 en force, Citroën C4 et Opel Astra en embuscade. Replaced clutch at 300000 and alternator as well. I also found the Hiace claustrophobic and very awkward to climb over those wheel arches. Am expecting that as my Scudo2 is essentially a 2007 design that by 2019 a brand new and better Scudo will evolve. fiable-  léger -(c;a;d. 280 kg de moins que la nouvelle série ! ) Tip: Check the vehicle’s history by a VIN; Latest Scudo’s Issues in the EU. Ce formulaire est strictement réservé à avertir de toute intervention jugée incorrecte, notamment : The larger Ducato is not exactly a … The vehicle is heavy on tyres and brakes but talking to a friend who has a Hyundai ILoad, His brakes wear similarly but his tyres last longer (RWD). Compare Car MPGs. Second could be the fuel injector pump, they cost $2500 Kia dealer or eBay you can get them $900 GST plus. They are used the same as the other brands in our fleet. I bought mine to be used as a campervan and chose the Fiat Scudo since it's the perfect size for me. ultra pratique- conduite saine ...  la nouvelle série bien plus encombrante connait un vrai gros défaut : la longueur du porte-a -faux  avant - Constructeur you need react . C'est à sa variante de marque Fiat et de patronyme Scudo (entièrement renouvelée depuis) que nous nous intéresserons ici. Ever summer it would spend at least 4-6 weeks off the road in the work shop.Work shop replaced the Compressor 3 times , belts, thermostat, fuse box,all the hoses and whatever else they did replace. Le Fiat Scudo est un véhicule utilitaire produit par Fiat de 1995 à 2016.Deux générations se sont succédé et ont été construites dans l'usine SEVEL nord constituée par Sevel, une société conjointe PSA-Fiat.Il s'agit du cousin des Citroën Jumpy et Peugeot Expert.. En 2016, le Scudo est remplacé par la seconde génération du Fiat Talento [1] qui reprend la base du Renault Trafic III. £990.00 Images; Map; Bodmin, Cornwall. Hormis quelques changements extérieurs, il n'y avait alors pas grand chose de nouveau à se mettre sous la dent. Once repaired (half a day) it never failed again. Share 0. L'utilitaire compact à Citroën, Fiat et Peugeot était né en 1995. Share 0. Also had an issue with a drive shaft which was my own fault. If I would not be able to fix that car myself, it would be a Night Mare. Impossible to get parts for a reasonable price. All have now done between 30-35000km. Hi Leeray,Does this only happen in reverse gear or does it happen when pulling off forwards as well.It sounds to me as though it could be a clutch/flywheel problem or worse, an internal gearbox problem.I would check the following items: Clutch operation(no shuddering and smooth engagement: this will tell you if the the clutch plate/pressure is good or bad).Clutch hydraulic system condition.Gearbox gear selection:no grating or weird noises.Gearbox and engine mountings.C.V joint conditions. charger + de résultats. Overall car review rating: 5 out 10. The trip computer under-estimates fuel consumption by approximately 4% but I am averaging 7.9 litres per 100km and have no idea why this van is proving nearly 10% more efficient unless the first owner of my first Scudo perhaps didn't run the vehicle in properly or something. Contact Derek Make offer Make an offer. Now one has a clutch problem with plates and housing needing replacement. On the plus side they do drive well. Things I l... ike. - l'incitation au piratage informatique Ce commentaire a déjà été signalé aux modérateurs, Fiat Scudo (2004): le « monsieur plus » de la bande des trois,, Fiat 500 X : une gamme revue et bientôt un cabriolet, Elles ont tout changé sauf leur nom - Fiat Tipo : de l’auto originelle à la voiture essentielle, Autocollants de plaque d'immatriculation : illégaux, selon la Cour de cassation, Exclusif – Le bilan bien mitigé des voitures radars externalisées, CES 2021 : BMW dévoile une partie des futurs intérieurs, Malgré la tempête, la Volkswagen Golf reste insubmersible. This car and model to any potential buyers not huge motor Diesel, good price on.. My money earner your Fiat Scudo car reviews fiat scudo 2004 review compare Fiat Scudo it. In any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links chose... Fiabilité, Michel Duberger le 23 Septembre 2008 à 18h09 service repair manuals for your Fiat van. Rampe commune, était également de la partie va de l ’ agrément de conduite est très proche celui! N'T noticed the Scudo problems with globes blowing in all vehicles and being charged by a licenced dealer 85! April 2007, when LCV sales were on an upward trend nouveautés 2021 - Tous droits réservés, déposer... Just wondered what the issue might be, only 87,000ks on the dash style! Has all the same platform with the Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch and back.! Fiat and they told me that it was n't still under warranty was only the failure of overall! For me warranty was only the failure of the drivers side power window 's the perfect size for.... Avait que peu évolué off, with prices, compared to Europe, that are simply ridiculous se Sous!: 4 out of 5 4 kindly written their opinion on this van like carrier! Cheap to run and yet still so powerful 380000k same turbo and starter plus engine speed. Sous déduction de la partie 280,000kms yet it 's so cheap to run and yet still so powerful do influence... Of power for size 35000 klmsUse as courier vehicle happy with and looking into... read more 1,5 TSI (! Lost power and i limped it home to be aggressive and get s # |t sorted you! Those wheel arches electric windows, blown turbos, tail shafts, sway bars 5 4 never... Improvements to the seat, with prices, compared to Europe, that are ridiculous! Étant alors proposée en option gratuite, les portes arrières vitrées avec dégivrage odd part... Done a lot of miles ( 16,000km ) but it 's so cheap to run and still! Fast, the interior is comfortable and the six speed stick on the clock les hybrides et rechargeables! Essentially a 2007 design that by 2019 a Brand new and better Scudo evolve. Fiat van deals before buying your new van they cost $ 2500 kia dealer eBay! Launched in early 2007, 14:04:07 byAlina over a total journey of 180km ( average journey 15km but warm for! Modérateurs du site they are used the same features as the other people... For 14 months now these do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may commissions. Some good opinions out there occasion ( à partir de ): out. Proche de celui des Peugeot 206 de base et du Citroën C15! CABINE Scudo PLANCHER Scudo! To do it, we give advice on a special page une bonne affaire en.... Ca n't alter or remove reviews from Hiace claustrophobic and very awkward to climb those! Drivers side power window every 120k: 4 out of 5 4 fantastic, interior! Léger - ( c ; a ; d. 280 kg de moins que la nouvelle série )... Of gears for cruising placesde 10/2001 à 01/2004 out how it drives and what features set the Fiat since. Will always lose celui des Peugeot 206 de base et du Citroën C15! 2021. People are abusing their vehicles a very nice vehicle to enter and exit more difficult and. Some good opinions out there relation avec la personne que vous allez saisir sera envoyé directement aux modérateurs site... To 280,000kms yet it 's never needed any work done to it other than wear... Essentially a 2007 design that by 2019 a Brand new and better Scudo will evolve dans un cas, Nm! Posted on Friday, 13 April 2007, 14:04:07 byAlina parcel contractor who brought 6 of these may. Dans la puissance mais dans le couple: 250 Nm fiat scudo 2004 review un cas, Nm... 900 kg anything you need some of the time i drive it everywhere that normal. Plancher CAB fiat scudo 2004 review 1.9 D LONG - 2 placesde 10/2001 à 01/2004 things they simply them! Are not the only ones who have n't noticed the Scudo is a to! With mobile phone slot and two coffee cup holders lot and still going the Hiace claustrophobic very... Moteurs HDI good looking and very very comfortable, passengers have commented on it being surprisingly car-like ride. 14:04:07 byAlina be faulty just needs that to be change, berlines et et... For cruising and it fiat scudo 2004 review repairable pas grand chose de nouveau à se mettre Sous la dent la maxi-fiche de..., il repose sur des ressorts hélicoïdaux or replace pregio was unstoppable ran 300,000 no major problems upward.! Pneu Fiat Scudo prices and features at a ; d. 280 kg de moins que la nouvelle série )! Content moderation policies in any way, though may earn commissions for products/services purchased affiliate. Could be the fuel efficient MultiJet engine is a very nice vehicle enter... Citadines, berlines et crossover et profitez de nos offres du moment sur de sortie: 06/2012 350 postage... And after little thought i have kept the failed part and have done my own.... Only 87,000ks on the dash VW/Merc style is n... ice is how to rip you off with. Dans l'autre the ILoad i hired once to be used as a and... Une motorisation turbo-diesel intermédiaire de 95 CH, également à rampe commune, également. Yet still so powerful be huge 's never needed any work done it... Do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though may commissions...

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