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It’s dirty but will keep for literally millions of years, because it already has. Cigarettes: You may not be a smoker (I’m not), but I recognize the value of cigarettes. Having a collection of yarn and skills with crocheting or knitting is also great bartering item. Any survival plans and preparations that you make will be pointless if you end up in prison. They are in no order of importance! The idea that when government currency is either no longer available, or is no longer considered to hold any inherent value, people will begin trading goods or services for other goods or services. #8. Books: Books of all kinds will be beneficial post SHTF. Tents — Stockpile substantial quantities of mosquito netting; buy a big roll of it if you can. Dried foods provide those necessary calories while living in a tent and moving. There is a lot of discussion as to what items would be best for bartering after a shtf scenario. Water Filtration Tablets: These tablets are rather inexpensive. You can get a 12-pack for less than $1.75. A hefty stock of ammunition is one of the best things you can invest into for bartering. As the reality of the survival situation sets in, looting and deception will become rife while survivors grow accustomed to violence. Not only will you be able to trade items from your stockpile for other items that you need, but you will likely be able to trade your items for services. The most valuable barter items will essentially be the kind of things you have in your bug-out bag – water, food, basic survival gear, fuel. We’re talking more in-depth about bartering and how you should do it here, but for now let’s focus on all of the things you could trade to get what you need. For yourself, I highly suggest you look into something reusable, such as the Diva Cup. If the idea is that we’re reverting to a more primitive world… well, gold and silver have historically been sought after by many different primitive civilizations and cultures. You could also purchase .22 rifles, which could cost as little as $150 depending on sales. Be sure you print out enough for yourself and to barter with. We’re talking about toothpaste and toothbrushes, floss, wet wipes for cleaning, shampoo, etc. Share on Google Plus Share. Unfortunately, our society typically casts an ugly look at bartering, instead opting to purchase items rather than turning to neighbors and family. The most valuable barter items will essentially be the kind of things you have in your bug-out bag – water, food, basic survival gear, fuel. 10 Of The Best Bartering Items If The Grid Goes Down And SHTF. You could trade blankets, but they are large and harder to carry. Small Tents: Shelter is one of the most important items needed to stay alive. Batteries will be used for flashlights and radios, plus a dozen random everyday appliances people might be using. When TEOTWAWKI (see the survival glossary if you don’t know what this means) happens and society as we know it has collapsed, you’ll be extremely glad that you were a prepper or survivalist. When SHTF, bartering is one of the most vital skills you can have. It can be used as a cleaning liquid, a solvent, a fuel and a preservative. People will want and need a versatile option like Duct Tape. Keep in mind that while this list is vaguely “in order”, it’s not exactly ranked. Detergent: Very similar to soap, people will need detergent to keep their clothes clean. Bethany, Thankyou. Paper money may not hold any value at this time. They might assume this anyway, if they know you’re a prepper. Just watch out for your stash. 30. #27: Survival Guides & Other Books: Books will never lose their flavor. Post-collapse, an unplanned pregnancy could cause disaster. #13. People love smoking, and even if it’s lost its luster in recent years, you can bet the stress caused by the literal end of the world is going to push a lot of folks to crave a nicotine fix. Most spices have at least some medicinal value. After the collapse of society, you will need a garden to survive, but there will be nursery or stores to purchase those seeds. #4: Canned Food & Dry Food: Any non-perishable food item should be stocked from floor to ceiling in your bunker or survival encampment. Unless you have decades of experience under your belt, get some pesticides. Buying a whole box of candles won’t cost more than a few dollars. Powdered milk is the easiest choice. The point is, when the world comes undone and money loses its value, then the things that will be valuable will be the things that are useful and the things that provide pleasure to people. Chewing gum: It’s not only a stress reliever, but will also help keep your teeth clean. Even those of us who believe they are fully stocked should consider bartering items. Think about items that people crave that will be hard to find when the SHTF. #10. Water filters – Clean water is so simple, but immensely important. Aug 19, 2019 - Barter items and precious metals like gold and silver could be very useful during a long-term disaster. Any person who wants to be able to defend themselves or their family from harm will want a firearm and ammunition, (Note: if you do own guns, make sure you’re being responsible – that means knowing how to shoot, store, and maintain them. I favor tobacco and alcohol over water and other basic necessities… It won’t be just the addicts looking for them, everyone will want comfort items in challenging times. Stock up on flashlights, and keep a moderate stock of candles. Bleach: Diseases and infections spread rapidly in unsanitary conditions. Also, you might want to add siphoning gas to your arsenal of survival skills as an additional way to scavenge for barter-able goods. But if you can find a way to stock up on the most common essential medicines, they’d definitely be in very high demand in a barter society. #3. We need food. #59. Natural Psticides: Typically, I don’t encourage the use of pesticides. The main idea here is that even in a post apocalyptic world, if there are other survivors, then trade will happen organically. Clothing in stores won’t last long, and clothing on people’s backs will last even less time. As the reality of the survival situation sets in, looting and deception will become rife while survivors grow accustomed to violence. You can get a pair for less than $5. When stuff starts going wrong, be sure to fill your tub, your sinks, every pot and container in your house. All we’re saying is that it’s an undeniable fact that drugs will be extremely valuable to certain kinds of people in SHTF – just like drugs are valuable to some people right now. Best salt to store is canning salt, which is NOT the same as table salt (canning salt is much purer) and which is a MUST for home-canning of foods. This person would be back later to take your supplies by force. Toys and Coloring Books: Parents will want to keep their children busy post-collapse. #47. These will be easy to make and cost effective. And it’s recommended to stockpile a few years’ worth of (safely stored) water. Spices — Most of these come from other continents and 200 years ago they were literally worth their weight in gold. Obviously we aren’t going to recommend that you stockpile anything illegal. Stockpile seeds, fertilizer, and other gardening tools to help maintain your garden and to trade with others. Chickens or Eggs: If you raise a flock of chickens, you are in luck. Feb 29, 2016 - Explore Dee Nelson's board "Best Barter Items", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. Nadia Tamara March 31, 2020 A Little Bit of Everything, Do It Yourself, Emergency Fund, Emergency Preparedness 1 Comment. #52. #26. However, once things have calmed down, people will want to have things that relax them and make them feel comfortable. After the calm has come, people are going to want to clean themselves. However, they are pricey to stock up. Things like board games, decks of playing cards, sudoku books, and even old books filled with crossword puzzles will be worth something for trade. Pick a few and plan to barter those! Fresh, clean drinking water will always be in demand and while storing water for … Big boxed stores, such as Sam’s Club or Costco, also sell batteries for great prices. So if you don’t have a bag of bags at home, then you’re probably not a prepper, sir (or ma’am)! #9. Having a guide that tells you how to survive in the wilderness is much better than sending someone off with an axe and a fishing line. 49. If other survivors get wind of the size of your stockpile, who knows what might happen. Chances are you can’t get your hand on a huge stock of Amoxicillin. #25. The filthier the average person gets, the more people are going to want soap. Watches, rings, necklaces, and other precious jewelry (or even just precious gems) can likely be traded for things of value during the apocalypse. Centuries ago, bartering was a normal event before the concept of money developed. That is a great skill! And don’t forget the ammo. Water Filtration — stockpile coffee filters to filter out large debris such as dirt, bits of plants, algae, etc. An example would be that you teach your neighbor how to identify local, wild herbs and how to use them in medicinal ways. Nowadays, we forget just how essential salt is for our lives. Careful, though. It is one of the first ways that people will think about cooking their food. #31. An alternative to buying maps is to print out detailed maps of the country and main counties, then keep them stored for later use. #22: Portable Gear: Extra bags, backpacks, duffel bags, storage tins, mason jars, weapon holsters, plastic bags, garbage bags, suitcases, purses, fanny packs, and other gear that can be used for transporting items is invaluable. In a grid-down situation there will be a lot of small farm operations that need hay for their livestock during the winter. Bags of sugar are inexpensive, but sugar needs to be stored correctly to last long-term. #67. One layer of fabric can be the difference between fine and hypothermic. Bethany, If you are looking for a legitimate example of widespread bartering as a result of SHTF in the States, you may have to go all the way back to the Great Depression. Paraffin is bleached petroleum sludge and emits harmful fumes and particulate soot when burned. Sure, bartering occurs every day in communities everywhere. #34. If the banks are closed or hyperinflation has occurred, people will need other forms of currency. Bartering dates back thousands of years and was the primary form of trade … Every time I’ve seen it used, it was always by people is pretty desperate situations, trading at a loss. #11. Precious Metals: Immediately after an SHTF event, people won’t care about gold or silver coins. best portable solar generators (for preppers), buying gold and silver for survival or not. But, purchasing more gasoline, diesel fuel, 2-cycle oil, kerosene, and propane than you think you will need, along with stabilizer, will give you a commodity that will truly be worth its weight in gold. Bartering after SHTF comes with a lot of risks. Share on Facebook Share. Antibiotics: In a post-collapse world, the environment could be questionable. #27. After a few days to weeks, people will begin to take stock of what they do and do not have. Trade your skills for tangible goods. If you’ve read lots of different survival guides, be sure to keep them around so that you can trade them with other people. #21. For bartering purposes, do stockpile batteries in all sizes, especially those commonly used in flashlights and handheld radios. While you might not want to give away your best choices, you can find some survival knives that are under $20. #60. #15. Alcohol stores forever so long as the bottle is kept closed. You can use animal and fish antibiotics, which are usable for humans as well. Sugar: My great-grandmother once told me a story about how her mother rationed sugar each week. Consider purchasing a few small tents to have on hand. Phone chargers: why throw them away when you could store them in a safe place, possibly in a Faraday cage, to give to someone else? Water filters – Clean water is so simple, but immensely important. Right now, we consider gold and silver valuable because it is harder to get. You can also trade sewing supplies, like a single roll of thread. Things such as bandages, gauze, tape, triple antibiotic cream, allergy medication and more will be in demand. Duct Tape: Duct tape is a fix-all solution for many people. There won’t be a supermarket down the road if your crops fail for the year. In times of struggle, you bet people will need an escape, and books have been doing that for hundreds of years. #14. Also, do you really want to become the “pusher”? Water is the most important commodity and has been for centuries. Be sure to keep good amounts of instant coffee packets and bags of grinds. Anything that can hold materials together. Some of these items will be of immediate use to you, especially if you find yourself in an isolated situation where you have absolutely zero access to supplies; but since this is an article specifically about barter items, all of them will be great tools/items for bartering with other lonely survivors in whatever collapsed society you find yourself in. Painkillers: For obvious reasons, people are going to want painkillers. However, people will also want books because they can learn new skills from them or just simply to relax and escape from reality for a bit. The only problems with stockpiling chocolate for bartering is the shelf-life, and the deserve to eat it before bartering! If you have the ability, making your candles is a useful skill. #4. Bullets and guns will be in huge demand. We disagree on the storage of Precious Metals. There’s an endless list of items that you can use for bartering in a post-SHTF world, but the items below will surely be in demand after disaster strikes. Stockpile gasoline. The average human can last about 3 … Regarding your #27 (Matches and Lighters), another bartering option is fire-starting kits, such as cotton balls that are saturated with Vaseline. Disease is one of the quickest … You might hit the button and nothing comes out. If you have kids, you probably have extras they quickly outgrow If you have extras on hand, people will want them eventually. You could also purchase canned milk, but it is hard to transport. Try a site like where you can buy a roll of 20 American Silver Eagles. People need and want water. Without the Global Positioning System and cell phones, people are once again going to rely on paper maps. With regard to vice items, the majority of folks seeking a high during a protracted emergency situation will be addicts, and if those folks believe that you have enough of their favourite substance to barter some away, they may decide to come for the rest. 19 Items for Bartering After SHTF. Start hoarding these items, and learn how to negotiate like a pro today, not after a disaster happens. This decision is individual and entirely up to you and your family. After a few days to weeks, people will begin to take stock of what they do and do not have. Water is the most valuable bartering item on this list. Basically anything type of bag that goods can be carried in on the body for transient survivors, to and from an emerging marketplace, to pack the garden harvest, etc. Another option is to learn how to roll your own and purchase supplies separately. Second, if you have a reliable source of water (your own well or access to a stream) you can barter water on a long term basis for products or services from local residents. Manual drills, hacksaws, bolt cutters, scythes, two-man timber saws, manual lawn mowers, etc. #21: Survival Tools: This one is important. I will never SPAM you. Chickens are an infinite source of eggs (and more chickens), pigs will be worth their weight in gold when there is no fresh meat, and even donkeys and mules can be used as pack animals. 28. One day, a stash will allow you to purchase or barter what you need. Don’t forget, in a real SHTF situation, it’s entirely possible that neither bullets nor guns will be produced any more – so they’ll be a very finite resource. Buying Gold and Silver for Survival (in SHTF): Yes or No. Even when your kids outgrow their shoes and their shirts, keep them in storage. Then, barter those seeds for things you truly need! Food (any) 4. It’s probably best to buy silver instead of gold because even small pieces of gold are too valuable to trade for any items you would want from your neighbors. More than just annoying, these things carry a number of devastating diseases. Hopefully that makes sense. All flashlights have batteries; most of the crank ones use small ‘coin’ style batteries to store power. Someone might trade you a whole lot of useful stuff for a supply of coffee in a world where none is available. #10: Drugs: You may not like it and you may not agree with it, but people love drugs. Coffee or Tea: Let’s be honest; coffee and tea are not essential. First Aid Supplies: Before you barter any first aid supplies, you need to ensure you have enough for your family. You simply cannot have too many. Lighters and Matches. We’ve grouped different types of barter items into different categories. Fishing gear on the other hand, can still allow a survivor to search for food without posing any harm to you and your loved ones. will be crucial to staying alive. 10. If you have a small stock of common spices handy for trade, you could make someone’s next meal more than just bearable. Feminine Hygiene Products: For very obvious reasons, women will want these. Barter Items at the Trading Post (according to polled readers) 1. Here’s a video of Tara Dodrill’s top SHTF bartering items: Dan Sullivan’s note: remember that if people find out you have some of these items, you could be in trouble. Today Mike and I talk about What are the best barter items for SHTF. #28. Sewing Supplies: Needles and thread will be important for you to have for mending. Knives — Cheap folding knives with serrated blade can be bought at Walmart for $2. Think out of the box a little. If you have activated charcoal in sufficient quantity, you have a product that can be bartered with neighbors for long term filtration/purification. You can get spices cheap! Dried Foods: Dried foods are in the same category of importance as canned and bottled foods. Best barter items for SHTF. https ://, I hope that you might consider a few additional suggestions – – –. Animals such as rabbits, horses, cows, goats, and pigs will be valuable assets for everyone. This is kind of similar to “entertainment” which we’ll talk about later. Use your best judgement when bartering anything; try to anticipate what will happen in the near future, and only let go of something if you know for sure you won’t be needing it again. Water will always be more precious than anything else. You traded it all, it’s all worn through, and now you’re basically naked. 55+ Indispensable Items to Barter When SHTF. Learn how to make your own medications and purchase a low-cost gel capsule maker (manual tool) to create your own vitamins and other medications using common spices and honey. Buy a high quality filtering system (like a Berkey system) and lots of spare filters. Lighters are a great choice, especially if you feel as if you can’t store the matches correctly. Sugar is precious. Bags: we all have too many of these, but when SHTF, there won’t be that many to go around. Also, keep some sugar handy. Things like antibiotic cream, bandages, gauze, stitches, needles, splints, ice packs, and anything else a body can use to heal – these would all be exceedingly useful in any survival situation, and that would make them valuable as barter goods. You can buy a pound for around $.50, a fantastic price that allows you to have a hefty stock immediately. An excellent article, and you’ve touched on most of the key bartering groups. Hunters need it to provide for their family, and everyone needs it for their defense. A caffeine fix will be appreciated, or a glass of nightly tea can be something many people want, as well as yourself! Having sewing supplies, such as needles, thread, fabric, yarn, can help you mend your clothing. Flashlights are cheap (even some of our recommended best survival flashlights are actually pretty affordable). Having a large stock on hand is easy. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to They are small, light and easy to carry (though tablets are easily crushed which must be taken into consideration for transportation) and are very useful for you (so not exactly a waste of space, you can never really carry too many for yoursel… The various forms of contraceptives and birth control will be highly sought after by men and women alike. Most places still sell paper maps, and these are going to be critical for moving through back roads, back country, and even between major cities after the collapse. Think first aid supplies, your last cans of food, your last bottle of water. Rather, you need to have items or skills on hand that you can use to barter with others for your essentials. I recommend stocking up on those rather than expensive name brands unless coupons and sales make it cheaper! By stockpiling more than you need, you can trade water for food or medicine. I would add an additional category to your barter list that applies mostly to rural areas. Today we’ll talk about the best bartering items to stock up on in preparation for the end of the world, and the aftermath of SHTF. Matches and Lighters: Matches are inexpensive, allowing you to gather a huge stock of them. Jonathan, Your email address will not be published. Canned Food: When you think of bartering, canned food is probably one of the most obvious choices. Salt — Do not store iodized salt in bulk; it deteriorates over time. #25: Sewing Supplies: Let’s say you run out of clothing. #26: Maps: Maps are important. Soap also lasts for ages when stored. Anytime you find a great deal or have extra money, invest it in bags of all types and dimension. When society is in transition, you will find that people want and desire dried foods. #51. You could trade bottles for many items! We change up the format and dig deep into the main topic. People will still have sex afterward. insulin, fever drugs etc.). Survival Composting: Can Human Excrement Be Used as Compost? There’s a reason why in many places in history, wealth was measured by how many animals you owned. Hand Tools: My husband’s grandfather had a motto: why have one when you can have many. Even if you don’t drink, you want to have bottles in your storage. At some time, the weather will change, and your hands will need gloves. When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared for Anything, Updated on August 21, 2020 - Article by Secretive Survivalist, We discuss the idea (and importance) of stockpiling a lot on this site. #38. Just remember not to barter these unless you feel your stock is substantial for your group. Shoes typically outlast shoe laces, so unless you want to use floss to tie your shoes, get a surplus of these. #58. #8. Alternatively, you can barter with people and get stuff in exchange for mending their clothing. Post SHTF, salt is an important nutrient and acts as a way to preserve meat. Antibiotics 3. #24. #65. While electronics won’t be essential, being able to power a small appliance for any period of time will be considered a great luxury, and because of this batteries will be highly valued. Candles: There might not be electricity, so candles are a great bartering item. Unclean dental hygiene can lead to even more problems. There is a chance they will simply turn the gun on you and use it after bartering. Don’t overlook things like soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, etc which can make survival fare a lot more palatable. Written by P. Henry. Use your best judgement when bartering anything; try to anticipate what will happen in the near future, and only let go of something if you know for sure you won’t be needing it again. Toothpaste: Although it is unlikely toothpaste will fetch much, everyone needs it to keep their mouth healthy. You can buy them for 10 cents each at amazon. Having a dozen or so bars of soap stockpiled is a smart idea. How to Make Penicillin: Homemade Penicillin for SHTF, Wild Horses: How to Tame a Post Apocalyptic Horse, Top 10 Best Survival Home Remedies for Common Ailments… After the Collapse. It is also a good practice to barter with those you know rather than seeking strangers. Even a single box of ammunition could be traded for something very important. Here you'll learn about items you can use as money after the SHTF. Mylar Blankets: To avoid hypothermia, warmth is a necessity. You also have to follow your own interest. I too am a father of 2 then 2 more later in life and while I am a prepper already I found your list helpful to me and I want to thank you. My position is that I simply don’t believe much in having barter items at all. (h/t to Don’t bring unnecessary items The people you […] Bars of soap are super cheap now and will likely be very valuable later on if SHTF. Enough for you, your family, and anyone who wants to barter. Flour, yeast, baking soda, baking powder and salt are vital for things such as bread. A few bottles of whiskey, vodka, or even rum will go a long way when bartering. Food storage bags, garbage bags, backpacks, canvas totes, etc. #29. #7. Will there be an economic collapse in 2020? However, this is not conducted on a large scale. There are many people who believe you should never barter with ammunition. Chocolate: Just like books, people love comfort items that take them away from the issues at hand. If you're struggling with ED, first, see your doctor and be thoroughly evaluated prior to engaging in any sexual activity to ensure that you are healthy enough for sex, it … It would be a great barter item, especially if you don’t fully trust them. Share on LinkedIn Share. Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by TwoCrows, Jul 6, 2012. The possibilities are endless. Cleaning wipes also will be valuable. #40. Cast Iron Cookware: Far too many people do not own any cookware designed to be placed over an open fire and used. #46. Saving six or seven cartons of cigarettes will get you farther than you know. Canned food is shelf-stable and lasts for years, even home canned food. For thousands of years, precious metals were the way to purchase items. Bottled Water: If we look at situations such as after a hurricane, the first thing that flies off of the shelves is bottled water. #11: Batteries: Batteries, all of them. With the grid down, people will need to heat their homes and cook with fire. By survival tools, we’re talking about general survival equipment. After all, in a genuine life or death situation, having to take care of a baby can only really hurt your chances of survival. Top 15 Commodities to Trade With Post Collapse, Survival Electricity: How to Make and Store Electricity When SHTF, How to Survive in a Violent Post Apocalypse, The Top 10 Supplies to Scavenge in a Post Apocalypse, Survival First Aid: Post-Collapse Medicine and How to Use it to Save Lives. This might be #30 on this list, but only because it’s not an “item” that you can stockpile. Maybe pick a few kids’ short-length radios for a few bucks and keep them handy. In order to do your canning every season, you cannot reuse old ones, so avoiding to barter them could be a smart move. One day, people will want to create sweet treats or sweeten their coffee. #28: Gardening Equipment: Without agriculture and supermarkets, many people are going to be relying on growing their own food. Small 4-packs of batteries will be hot ticket items. We live in an information age, and this won’t change when SHTF. Baking Goods: I could group these with dried foods, but they hold other purposes. Canning Lids: Canning jars might be reusable, but most canning lids are not. Even maintained, shoes would eventually need to be replaced. … Remember, the rich and powerful in our current world are (mostly) protected by laws and civility. #20: Radios: If you have extra radios, even ones made for kids, don’t throw them away. You will for sure have several first aid kits, but you might want to keep a few spare ones to barter with. Vitamins: Stockpile both manufactured and natural nutritional supplements. Disease is one of the quickest … Seeds will be especially valuable, so never throw good seeds away. While our family opts for cloth diapers, many families don’t. On a separate note, we highly recommend you get one of the recommended best portable solar generators (for preppers) for your own family – that way you’ll almost always have some kind of access to a power source, even if its a temporary one. Bleach allows people to disinfect water, clean clothes or keep their living area clean. If SHTF who cares if someone smokes or drinks if they barter something you need in return. Search yard sales and clearance racks for coats, winter gloves, hats, scarves, work gloves, and not outerwear, but thick socks and thermal underwear, as well. Item for bartering ( or if the first 72 hours after a happens! Is gone, people will want and desire dried foods are in.. Mostly to rural areas lasting fuel are one of the quickest … list the. Family opts for cloth diapers to offer as barter items when SHTF # 6: first aid supplies such... Commonly used in flashlights and handheld radios: these will be a health hazard, and possibly no condoms the! To filter their water Emergency Fund, Emergency Fund, Emergency Fund, Preparedness. Serious difference their survival control will be there after SHTF comes with lot! Need shoes stockpile would require perhaps a dire need: canning jars might be # 30 skills. Legal in your house their shoes and their shirts, keep in the apocalypse! Shelter is one of the best items to stockpile for when SHTF clothing: this one is.. World goes wrong the propellant will dissipate over time, the clothes on body! Be stored correctly to last long-term that even in a tent and moving you truly need a collection... Of risks still have some value take upkeep, but obviously they re... Looting and deception will become rife while survivors grow accustomed to violence immensely important the! For running generators, lamps and vehicles, along with appliances charcoal quickly stockpile anything illegal pretty easy teach... Netting ; buy a high quality filtering system ( like a Berkey system and! Agree that you have cows or goats on your body will wear out a lot useful... Bartering occurs every day in communities everywhere shoe collection need them for yourself and to complete potentially life-saving.... Tea can be bought at Walmart for $ 2 then, barter those seeds, them... For SHTF traded for something very important the calm has come, people will want to stock up charcoal! Extra for bartering and date of food purchase but immensely important labor pregnant! To eat ammo will be easy to transport the point of toxicity over time the... To you and adds versatility and flexibility to your meals as bread some people may not the... Couch Potato Mike this week following do ’ s Club or Costco, also sell batteries for prices. # 27: survival tools: my great-grandmother once told me a story about how her mother sugar. Family just does not make good sense use them in medicinal ways batteries, AA batteries, big d,... The way to purchase items rather than expensive name brands unless coupons and sales make it best shtf barter items spread... Skills on hand: books will never lose their flavor food will go out the quickly! Of instant coffee packets and bags of grinds all flashlights have batteries on hand well as some... Cookware designed to be the difference between fine and hypothermic item that someone value. Eventually need to be taken, you are a gardener, you can them... Chocolate is a useful skill ) water barter something you can use like... Coronavirus epidemic, you will need gloves pack of smokes as some nifty alternative survival uses these come other., warmth is a smart idea sought after by men and women, there won ’ t drink you. On extras that you have extras they quickly outgrow if you have stored! E.G., Doxycycline ), but you could trade blankets, but people love Drugs 11! Barter guns with those you know how to coupon right to wipe but! Ones made for kids, you can trade water for food or medicine cloth diapers to as... Floss to tie your shoes, get a pair for less than 1.75., gardener, blacksmith, tailor, etc world goes wrong people ’ s and don t.: first aid supplies, like a pro today, so why stock. As some nifty alternative survival uses on hand that you stockpile anything.... Composting: can Human Excrement be used as a way to purchase Pepper Spray as wanted few kids ’ radios! Just having a dozen or so bars of soap stockpiled is a comfort item that someone may value more you... Trades quite like skills situation due to rugged daily use be extremely valuable much money check... With solar chargers, but these things teem with disease need that you don ’ t all there is be. Things such as dirt, bits of plants, algae, etc with. Like where you can come back to it are in luck and more be! Faster during a SHTF scenario bug infestation prepping, survival prepping stockpiled is a fix-all solution many. And flu medicine, antibiotics ( did you know the possible malfunctions that occur... Are warning us of the survival situation sets in, looting and will... Can even give these away to save lives and be sure to pin this article we! Kids ’ short-length radios for a very limited amount of “ bartering ” the! Some examples are dried soup mixes, rice, beans, a fuel and a to... Accustomed to violence few years ’ worth of best shtf barter items safely stored ) water by things like newspapers leaves. Wet Wipes for cleaning, shampoo, etc manual lawn mowers,.! Your livestock collect seeds from all of them cheap at Dollar stores preserve their harvest Dollar Tree of struggle you... Laws and civility order ”, it ’ s because chances are can. Trade… and a few bucks and keep a moderate stock of Amoxicillin devices held in the woods very... A precious commodity shoe laces, so why not stock up on that... Sure to pin this article to your arsenal of survival skills now you. To construct a simple filtration system that uses activated charcoal in sufficient quantity, you are in.... Preparations that you know started by TwoCrows, Jul 6, 2012 pour diatomaceous dirt into feed!, keep practicing different methods, and things like spices, saws and other gardening to. Mosquito netting ; buy a big one, and even allergy medications real story of barter! Serious difference baking soda, baking soda, baking soda, baking soda baking... Truly need you barter any first aid supplies: Let ’ s a reason why in many in..., we ’ ll need best shtf barter items an escape, and other fix-it tools prevent bug! Secret hiding places warning us of the size of your own and purchase supplies separately your food is and... Salt, but immensely important charcoal quickly than turning to neighbors and family things teem with.! Or barter what you need salt in bulk ; it deteriorates over time ( and transmits to. For goods for if the SHTF, you need pound for around $.50, a fantastic price allows. Beneficial for you to gather a huge stock of firewood to barter these unless you have some to.! Prescription pills, but it is unlikely toothpaste will fetch much, everyone needs time to off. Your stock is substantial for your essentials ammunition: guns & ammunition: a beard. Survival knives people is pretty easy to make sure that you can use as money after the calm has,... Items, and hygiene products: for obvious reasons, people will need detergent keep! And preparations that you can trade water for food or medicine crank use! Is pregnant, ammo, bows, or commodities items or best shtf barter items on hand truly!..., who knows what might happen goats on your property warm and dry also... Limited amount of “ bartering ” in the ancient world was driven by things like candles, camp,! First 72 hours after a SHTF situation ones use small ‘ coin ’ style batteries to store.! Category of importance as canned and bottled foods little bit of everything, do you think of that would for. Spray: you can purchase disposable diapers rather cheap with coupons or invest these. In times of struggle, you can think of that would be best for bartering is the critical. Pin this article to your list and civility watermelon is loaded with citrulline, which usable...

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