Liberty Lake Residence 3

 The landscape design for this project was conceived by Anne Hanenburg of SPVV Landscape Architects. While we were originally selected as the landscape contractor of choice on a recommendation from another contractor, we found ourselves taking over this project as the General Contractor. The client and the property required a high level of detail and professionalism and it was our company that was able to pull the entire project together. The project started out as pavers, plantings, irrigation and landscape lighting but it wound up consisting of:

  • Demolition and removal of existing driveway
  • Finish grading of new driveway
  • Sub-Grade work for parking area
  • Belgard Pavers over radiant heated driveway
  • Celtik retaining wall
  • Drainage Work
  • Boulder work
  • New and revitalized irrigation
  • Raised Bed Planting boxes
  • New fence around entire perimeter
  • Gate installation including steelwork, operator, electrical, keypad, loop sensors
  • Plantings
  • Oversight of: Electrical, Concrete, Gutter, Fencing and other sub-contractors
In the pictures below you will see some of the process involved. We would like to highlight a couple of the sub-contractors that were used on the project:
 – Masonry : Bland Masonry |
 – Radiant Heat: Simioni’s Warm Floors
*NOTE: Some of the images below are panoramic images. They are composed of multiple images stitched together to provide a wider view of the project site. This technique distorts the scale slightly but allows for a greater overall impression of the project. Final pictures including the plantings and finished driveway have not yet been uploaded but will be soon!*

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