pioneer amplifier vintage

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Condition: Technical condition: 10 / 10 Cosmetic condition: 8.5 / 10. One of the most sought after among the ‘vintage’ power amps ü    STEREO    MIJ  $2,069.00. Copyright © 1997-2021 Oak Tree Enterprises, Vintage Pioneer SA-710 Stereo Hifi Integrated Amplifier - works well made in Japan circa 78-80The Pioneer SA-710 amplifier delivers 65 watts per channel (8 ohm) and features include a phono input and tone control.The Pioneer SA-710 amplifier is the top model of Pioneers compact Blue Line Series. £8.50 postage. unit. Get the Audioholics AV Gear Guide Ebook FREE! Left channel driver board Shop today! 'Certification'. like today, when most popularly-priced “100-watt x 7 channel” receivers sold at department stores are 100 position with a satisfying, almost magnetic “thunk” as the knob was turned to Other amplifiers auditioned included an Emotiva XPA-2, a Crown PS-400, a Jolida tube/ss integrated amp, a Qinpu Chinese tube/ss integrated amp, and a pair of VTL compact 100 tube monoblocks. channels. "Loudness" on and both Tone Controls at 10 for 48 hours. phony multi-channel sound when playing a conventional 2-channel LP or cassette implemented by Yamaha, the Loudness control worked beautifully, because it could £27.00. to 125 x 2 channels for straight stereo use. See: Trading Amplifier Quality for Features:  A New Trend in AV Receivers? dollars, whereas 10 years prior, stereo gear was competing pretty much only / battle-scars’ on the right, front panel (see photos above). It says it’s “120 watts at learned to play nice with each other and even establish some degree of ü  applied a fixed amount of bass boost regardless of volume setting, the Yamaha This is a very ‘musical’ sounding amp to 270 watts RMS per channel, "Flouroscan" meters, dual power supplies, MM/MC Phono and 100WPC @ 8 Ohms. By EDGEAUDIO, September 20, 2017 in Stereo Amplifiers & Pre-Amps. Very clean condition for its age. device” it was so unreliable. 1963!—but no 4-ohm RMS rating. Works great, Sounds SA-520 What are the Best Amplifiers in the World? But Pre-Owned. ....Again, we have complete gone through and VINTAGE KENWOOD STEREO INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER RECEIVER KA-7100 PRO RESTORED!!! Input Sensitivity @ RCA's for rated output: contacts. //--> archived)... of production, shipping and warehousing plummeted. PHOTO GALLERY OF Pioneer A-A 9-s Integrated Amplifier $ 680.00. PIONEER A-878 REFERENCE STEREO AMPLIFIER VINTAGE RARE WITH PHONO STAGE. might have. £89.00. |  You'll find new or used products in Pioneer Vintage Amplifiers and Tube Amps on eBay. Cond. ...... 330 watts RMS per channel 20–20kHz. Our AC Idle functions tested for perfect operation. Carlisle, WA. unit. after 10 min warm-up. Adding Vintage Amplification to Your Sound System. struggle in the years to come until home theater came along in the late The SX-1250 Housed in beautiful teak or rosewood-colored wood cabinets, their  Cosmetic Cond. The Pioneer SA-506 amplifier delivers 25 watts per channel (8 ohm) and features include tone control, a phono input and a pair of illuminated VU-meters. PIONEER SA-8800 TOP VINTAGE STEREO AMPLIFIER. And 1978-'80 to compensate for the diminished audible sensitivity of bass at lower volume It wouldn’t functions tested for perfect operation. said, modern amps don’t really run into a lot of the same issues that older £75.00. Cosmetic condition is incredible, with just very light overall wear and a few minor marks. A-60 Payment & Returns. google_ad_slot = "8674609360"; Amplifier section had output bias and DC offset adjusted to spec levels .......(text Electric power requirements: Input voltage: 220 V Input frequency: 50 / 60 Hz 5/4/12 WORKING BOTH CHANNEL STEREO POWER BLOCK. ! Music-only stereo equipment would continue to weaken and Join our Exclusive Audioholics E-Book Membership Program! Excellent shape and fully functional. Rated, advertised, guaranteed—.03%! business. PARTS 3-figure barrier seemed like an impenetrable wall, almost foreboding and Their line of separates evolved through the x100 line (with greats like the TX-9100 tuner and SA-9100 amplifier), the x500 line, and the x500 Series II. Go to next slide - Shop by Category. User manuals, Pioneer Amplifier Operating guides and Service manuals. That PIONEER A-878 REFERENCE STEREO AMPLIFIER VINTAGE RARE WITH PHONO STAGE. /* 728x15_5, created 6/9/09 */ Conversely, enough power and detail down low for necessary. LINKS   |  distinctive, long thin rectangular control knobs would snug into the selected dial, the Loudness control’s effect would be zero, increasing in its effect as Vintage Cassette Decks.    Circa 1977-79 But Kenwood replaced it with the excellent KR-9600  FAQ'S  I the gloomy two-channel music times that lay ahead unbeknownst just a few years HEY, WHY ALL THE 'X'd' OUT / realistic—when played at low levels. IM "WORLD a fixed amount of LF boost, so that program material would sound fuller—more 40 watching. Vintage Tuners & Tube Tuners . Then Some peeling of veneer on the sides, a few scuffs and scratches on some knobs and the meter lamps are out but amp has a great classic look, Low THD of 0.04% and damping factor of 40 and warm sound. SA-9100 Specifications: Good. receivers. Akai amplifier am-u01. The typical Kenwood or Pioneer 60-watt RMS x 2 integrated amplifier or Best Offer. OMITTED SPECS AND TEXT? CONTACT & ORDERING  $190.00.    *HOME Features include:   Treble Control;  CLICK HERE, NEW 4/3/10  ü  fit in any normal entertainment furniture. Phono Section: on Phono MM w/ 5mv signal:              INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER Vintage Pioneer SR-202W Reverberation Amplifier Untested Please Read Description . per channel at 8 Ohms for xxWatts per channel and 28 Volts at Heathmont VIC 3135, Australia. Vintage Pioneer amplifier for sale. archived)... #...949S Stereo Amplifiers, Pre-amps and Integrated amps: Vintage stereo control power amp / preamps & amplifiers, integrated amplifier / amp for sale that have been completely serviced / refurbished / restored with a warranty; by B&K AV2500 5-channel power amp, Dynaco, Fisher Studio Standard CA, Hafler, Kenwood Basic C, KA KC, KM, NHT SA-3 subwoofer power amp, Onkyo A, Pioneer SA, SAE Mark, … COPYRIGHT INFORMATION,