2012 Home Idea Show

2012 Home Idea Show

Our booth at the Fall 2012 Home Idea Show was a great success. We had a blast building it and, by the responses we received, people really enjoyed our unique approach to landscape design and construction. The show featured ideas that can easily be implemented throughout the inland northwest, whether it’s a lake front home […]

Sustainability Tips for Homebuilders and Their Clients

If you are even considering having a home built sustainably, or you are a homebuilder with a client interested in sustainability, set those internet floorplans aside and START HERE: NATURE’S AFFECTS ON THE SITE: Which way does the sun move across the sky and, therefore, what orientation will provide the home with the best solar access? Where does the wind […]

Regional Landscaping Methods

So, it’s pretty easy to look at a book , read a magazine article or watch a show on TV and think, “Hey, I want that in my yard”. However, the practicality of introducing species of plants and trees, landscape features or even landscape construction methods that do not typically work well in our inland northwest landscape […]

Great design is the difference!

Thanks to our good friend Steve Rovetti at we were able to update the look and feel of our website and bring it in line with current web trends.